A surgical approach to medical billing

We save healthcare providers time and maximise revenue with guaranteed results. Discover our personalised billing solutions.

We take a human approach to billing

Unlike other billing providers that rely on automated processes, we put your revenue in the hands of real people with real experience. It’s what makes us able to go the extra mile to get you every dollar earned.

Our specialists apply a combined 25 years of experience to overseeing every aspect of your medical billing. What makes us different is that we’re built on a foundation of medical expertise. Surgical Billing Service is run by medical practitioners, for medical practitioners.

We understand your needs at every step of the way, allowing for faster bill processing, payment facilitation, account follow-up and insurance claims. Spend your time attending to patients, while we make sure you get paid.
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Why choose us?

Whether you’re a surgeon, anaesthetist, surgical assistant or physician, your time is in short supply. We make it easy to get started and remove ongoing paperwork. No portals to navigate. No logins to remember. No hoops to jump through.

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  • Rapid payment

    Using electronic ECLIPSE technology.

  • Easy submission

    Submit your bills directly via email. No login required.

  • Reliable reporting

    Receive fortnightly payment summaries & quarterly BAS statements.

Less time chasing bills. More time with your patients.

You didn’t get your medical degree to become an accountant. Your practice is based on caring for your patients. We ensure you have the time to do just that, while we take care of the financials.


By Doctors, for doctors

Because Surgical Billing Service was founded and continues to be run by medical practitioners, we know not every practice is the same. We tailor our billing solution to the unique requirements of your practice. We can process all private patients, no gap, known gap, uninsured patients, DVA, Workcover and TAC. We do it all.

Premium Services

Because we use human specialists and not automation, we’re able to ensure results for even the most complicated billing. Informed financial consent and prepayments are included under our premium services.

No Additional invoices

Our service is set-and-forget. With low fixed-fees automatically deducted from your bills, you’ll never know we were there. You send us your bills and receive our fortnightly payments directly into your bank account. Nothing more, nothing less.

No data entry needed

Our specialists take care of all the paperwork. Once you’re registered for our service, it’s just a matter of emailing us your bills as they arise and we do everything else. We make sure all the necessary details are in order, we follow up anything that’s missing, we take care of every step of the process.

What does it cost?

Our entire approach revolves around removing the hassle of bills, so we make sure we’re not adding to that. Our processing fee is automatically deducted from your billing, so you never have to think about it. There is no minimum monthly or weekly amount that you need to bill with us, and no registration or start up fees.

No matter how complex, no matter how big or small, our fee percentages are always the same. There are no lock in contracts and you can cancel any time.




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Excludes GST

1 Includes Informed Financial Consent and Prepayments

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